2021 – Dreamland Recaptured

Somewhere in Time and Space … Our Land,
Formed in our Minds with Nature’s Majesty.
A land of Wilds and Wonder on One Hand,
And Fairytales brought forth amid Fantasy.


No use to wield our old Magic Wand …
To search … or to find Port of Entry.
We let our Minds join the Great Beyond …
We had let down our Guard too Gently.


When we Dared to open that old Cosmic Gate,
Saw Greed deplaned as Caring had given way …
Too many had Withered … and met their Fate,
Our land was Overrun with complete Disarray.


Then We Awakened, Watched, Solved … not Pondered.
This New Land my Loving Friend is not just Fantasy.
We let our Minds Go Free … We Worked and Responded …
This now is again Truly Dreamland! Come Dream with Me!

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