2019 – Pandora’s Attic

Mysterious treasure wealth in the attic.

According to Greek, Pandora was the first woman ever created by the head god Zeus – this as a punishment to humankind after Prometheus, despite being forbidden to do so, stole fire for human use.


Zeus sent the beautiful Pandora down to earth along with a cargo of all the world’s evils and gave her as a present to Prometheus‘ brother, Epimetheus.


The innocent Pandora packed away the cargo in her attic behind a door with a heavy lock. She was warned to never open that lock and to resist even peeking into the attic, for that would unleash all evil into the world.

If she opened it, every monstrous evil to which human flesh is heir would c0me out of it. The demons that emerge could not be put back again. They would be out forever.


Pandora, who was created to be curious, could barely stay away from the attic and the urge to open the heavy locked door overcame her.

But there had been something hidden just inside the door of Pandora’s Attic. Something wonderful … new high heels she was mysteriously told …


Pandora cracked the door, snatched the new high heels, slammed the door, put them on and straightaway went to town.


The only other thing that had managed to slip out of the cracked door was “Hope”! But “Hope” just flew away … lost for all eternity.


You had better not open that door again.

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