2015 – Nightmare at Holloway House

Welcome to the historic Holloway House, the home built by the infamous Jackson Holloway with no blueprints and no master plan, as atonement for the sins of his violent and gruesome life. The bravest among you will learn more about Holloway the man as you venture forth into his onetime home, which some will tell you now lives and breathes as he once did, with a throbbing pulse and a burning, tormented conscience.


But if any of you are afraid of the dark, or of the wind through the ancient eaves seeming to whisper your name, or of antique portraits changing their expressions in the dancing candlelight, or if you’re unnerved at the thought of a soft, bony tap on the shoulder when you’re certain you’re the last in line, we suggest you leave now – before the threshold, before the point of no return. Perhaps a hay wagon ride is more your speed; perhaps you’d like to carve a pumpkin with the children.


Still here? Excellent.


Welcome then, dear visitors, to Holloway House.

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