2010 – The Beast of Bonita Bog

Millions of Years ago … the land on which you now stand was entirely covered with an eerie swamp – the Great Bonita Bog.


Local Legend has it that many unique species of Creatures had evolved here through the eons. Strange fossil remains and ancient pictographs have given rise to speculation that a very advanced life form May have risen to Supremacy.


All evidence points to the probability that these early inhabitants of our lands possessed some tangible Cosmic Icon or Mystical Idol that had enabled their rise to become the Preeminent Species of their day.


Was this Icon a Likeness of some all powerful Entity from the beginning of time? Was this an Alien Gift bestowed upon the Earth, or was there some sort of Religious overtone?


For early Man, who struggled with these dreadful mutations for Supremacy, it was certainly somewhere between Good Fortune and a Godsend when the waters receded and the Marshy Bog became … Bonita Canyon. Over time the once Fearsome, and Intelligent Beasts that had inhabited our lands, became merely the fossilized remnants of another era, just dust in the new Canyon …


But now, a new dawn has arrived … today we see Global temperatures Warm, polar ice caps melt, and Sea Levels rise. The Canyon has begun a new cycle … as the waters begin to intrude, The Great Bonita Bog has once again returned to life.


And with that we fear the unrelenting Hellish Reemergence of Creatures so Ominous, so abhorrent, so Dominant, as to challenge the position of Humans as head of the NEW Food Chain.


So Step UP … and Follow Me! We’re Going In! But, please, keep watch for the last group of brave explorers who has not yet returned from … THE GREAT BONITA BOG.

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