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Upcoming Haunt: 2022 - The Magical Kingdom


These are the Happenings that Dreams are made of …

As well as I can remember, it was another mystical evening.

I had chosen to disappear once again from that early reality.

As I joined The World of Adults … I was just a strapping young boy

But, slowly, I was graduating into a strapping young man.


Wonders were unfolding before this boy’s mesmerized eyes.

Travels that would stay with me for many decades to come.

I had once again returned to the Magical Kingdom.

And it struck me fully that I was discovering what this was all about.

This was my annual sojourn to be a part of this enchanting land.


Stories told to a young boy had become my reality as a man.

I had become part of the past and had again and again returned.

With a caring heart I want to be here for the Kingdom’s future.

I have morphed into a character created from this realization.

Molded from walking the pathways and from acting out my part.


I came from a mere Stones Throw from this Magical Kingdom.

I was Born to a Mystical, Beautiful and Enchanting Mother …

I am the Son of a True Wizard, a Strong Imaginative Father …

And I have served our King well in our Homeland’s Venturous Endeavors …

I will assuredly return again … Magical Kingdoms always need one more Warrior.